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Each club is listed along with the officers currently serving. Please send them an email for more infomration about their club. If their club has a web page, a link is given. No link means no web page. Some even have facebook pages you can like, which are also given if available.

The clubs are listed alphabetically by club name to make it easier to search for the one you would like. More dailed contact information can be found on the Trentini nel Mondo website. Click here to see the United States contacts on that page or click here to see the Canda contacts on that page.

Alliance, OH

  • President, Gary Schneider
  • Vice President, Terry Passerini
  • Secretary, Mary Everson
  • Treasurer, Connie Mohr
  • Chicago, IL

  • President, Lourdes Franch
  • 1st Vice President, Enrico Canestrini
  • 2nd Vice President, Eugene A Pellegrini
  • Secretary, Nancy Gutzman
  • Treasurer, Raymond Anesi
  • Intl Correspondent, Luciana Svaldi
  • Cleveland, OH

  • President, Nancee Visintainer
  • Vice President, Richard Carrara
  • Secretary, Shelly Orlandi
  • Treasurer, Joe Cattani
  • Colorado

  • President, Anthony Dalla
  • Vice President, Aldo Svaldi
  • Secretary, Mike Falagrady
  • Treasurer, Anna Vann
  • Hazleton PA

  • Vice President, Gino Nardone
  • Secretary, Eileen D. Braskie
  • Treasurer, Patricia Bertoldi
  • Memership Secy, Mary Ellen Palubinsky
  • Milwaukee WI

  • President, Henry Beber
  • Vice President, Bruno Lockner
  • Minnesota

  • President, Sharon Kearney
  • Vice President, Claire Rupar
  • Secretary, Nancy White
  • Treasurer, Linda O'Brien
  • New England

  • President, Carol Aleman
  • Vice President, John Campedelli
  • Secretary, Elisa Corra
  • Treasurer, Elizabeth Sweitzer
  • New York

  • President, Michael Pancheri
  • Vice President, Richard Elliot
  • Financial Secy, Nora Agostini
  • Past President, Josephine Leonardelli
  • Norway MI

  • President, Sandy Franch
  • Vice President, Mary Zanoni
  • Secretary, Michael Zanoni
  • Treasurer, Patti Pollard
  • Pittsburgh PA

  • President, Jim Lorenzi
  • Secretary, Lauren Lorenzi
  • Treasurer, Diane Morelli
  • Readsboro VT

  • President, Matt Comai
  • Vice President, Lucy Passardi
  • Secretary, Anna Bolognani
  • Treasurer, Michael Cristofolini
  • San Francisco CA

  • President, Giuseppina Piasente Alvarez
  • Vice President, Lino Rizzi
  • Secretary, Dan Aspromonte
  • Treasurer, Mary Elmstrom
  • Seattle WA

  • President, Mary Beth Moser
  • Vice President, Jan Agosti
  • Secretary, Ann Zadra
  • Treasurer, Joan Barker
  • Solvay NY (Syracuse)

  • President, Thomas Antonini
  • Vice President, Jeff Miczan
  • Secretary, Rob Cazzolli
  • Treasurer, Joe Chemotti
  • South Alabama

  • President, Michael Parker
  • Vice President, Tim Lazzari
  • Treasurer, Martha Allegri
  • Contact:, Michael Guarisco
  • Southeast/Central PA

  • President, Joseph Hovan
  • Vice President, Ellen Quinn
  • Secretary, Lilly Speranza Branca
  • Treasurer, James Quinn
  • Southern California

  • President, Leo Zamboni
  • Vice President, Denis DePierro
  • Secretary, Ann C Maturi DePierro
  • Treasurer, John Casagranda
  • Utah

  • President, Kevin Dalpias
  • Vice President, Stacie Gomm
  • Secretary, David Martini
  • Treasurer, Annette DeGiorgio
  • Asst. Treasurer, Maria Allred
  • Washington DC

  • President, Denyette DePierro
  • Representative, Anna Alvarez Boyd
  • Wyoming

  • President, Ryan Taucher
  • Vice President, Donna Toly
  • Secretary, Gloria Canestrini Tomich
  • Treasurer, Jerry Georgis
  • Alberta

  • President, Corrido Santoni
  • Vice President, Guido Zanoni
  • Secretary, Norman Zanolli
  • Treasurer, Danny Santoni
  • British Columbia, Canada

  • President, Marco Holzer
  • Vice President, Maria Flaim
  • Secretary, Paul Antonioni
  • Treasurer, Rosemary Iacoboni
  • Montreal, Canada

  • President, Maria Franca Calliari
  • Vice President, Ugo Finotti
  • Secretary, Susan Angeli
  • Treasurer, Marie Pozza Allaire
  • Toronto, Canada

  • President, David Corazza
  • Vice President, Ivo Finotti
  • Secretary, Dan Bertolini
  • Windsor/Detroit

  • President, Mary Jo Bagans
  • Vice President, Joseph Damolin
  • Treasurer, Dino Maccani

  • President, Denyette DePierro
  • Vice President, Sonja Steinbrech
  • Secretary, Michael Vivaldi
  • Treasurer, Nadia Flaim
  • Trentini nel Mondo

  • Director, Francesco Bocchetti
  • President, Alberto Tafner


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