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ITTONA Publications

Viola Book cover Barb Orr, Member of the Circolo Trentino of Southeast Pennsylvania
"Viola" - biography of her extraordinary grandmother
Paperback with 435 pages.
Price: $22.00.
To order, click here or go to www.lulu.com and enter "Viola" in the site's search engine.


Viola Book cover David A. Prevedel, Member of the Utah Trentini Club
"The Tyroleans"
Paperback with 119 pages.
Price: $20.56.
To order, click here


Joseph Rauzi Book Sylvia Rauzi McElroy, Member of the  Società M. S. Trentina of Wisconsin
"WALK BRAVE, WALK STRONG, Joseph Rauzi" - biography of her father's incredible life
Hard-cover bound book with 160 pages and 39 pictures.   Price: $15.95.  To order, click on this link:  "Walk Brave, Walk Strong"

Selected comments from readers:

  • "I read it slowly and savored every word while shedding tears." - R. Z., California
  • "I only meant to read a few pages but couldn't stop till the last page. I cried, I laughed and cried again." - E. R., Michigan
  • "I'm down to the last pages and I'm upset because I don't want the story to end." - J. P., Illinois
  • "I read it cover to cover in one sitting and loved it. Your writing really captures the spirit and determination of your father's life." - T. R., North Carolina
  • "Great read, Sylvia." - F. J. Q., Florida

  • "I truly enjoyed reading the book and so did my daughter." - E. F., Ohio
  • "It brought back many fond memories of my own life, since my grandmother was also from the Val di Non. However, regardless of this: a truly inspiring and uplifting story, which everyone can relate to, moreover, is a 'must-read'..." - P. (Dolzani) H., Pennsylvania


Father Bolognani
"A Courageous People from the Dolomites"
The Immigrants from Trentino on U.S.A. Trails

 in English

Edition and Patronage of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy

Published by T.E.M.I - Trento, Italy in 1996

Availability: a few copies are still available and maybe be ordered by contacting Eugene Pellegrini.


Father Bolognani
"Columbian Celebrations/Celebrazioni Colombiane"
Fifth Centennial of the Discovery and Evangelization of America (October 12, 1492-October 12, 1992)

In both English and Italian

Published by Alcione, Trento 1992

Available from Trentini nel Mondo's library.


Father Bolognani
"Padre e Pioniere"
Eusebio Francesco Chini, S.J. - Missionario, Scrittore e Geografo (1645-1711)

In Italian

Edizioni Biblioteca PP. Francescani - Trento - Belvedere San Francesco, 1

Available from Trentini nel Mondo's library.


Trentini Nel Mondo
Book: "Ho lasciato una terra che ..."
Ricordi, immagini trasformazioni del Trentino negli ultimi 40 anni

In Italian

1a Edizioni Associazione Trentini nel Mondo, giugno 1998
Stampa Tipografica Esperia Srl - Gardolo (TN)

Available from Trentini nel Mondo's library.


Trentini Nel Mondo
Magazine: "Trentini nel Mondo"
 - mensile dell'Associazione Trentini nel Mondo onlus

In Italian


Available by subscription from Trentini nel Mondo.


The Autonomous Province of Trento
Book: "Trentino Today/Trentino Oggi" - Institutions, Economy and Society/Istituzioni, economia, società civile

In both English and Italian

Casa Editrice Panorama - Trento, Italy. 1st Edition December 1997

Available from the Autonomous Province of Trento, Ufficio Stampa


The Autonomous Province of Trento
Magazine: "Trentino Emigrazione"
 - Quarterly Publication by the Servizio Emigrazione e Solidarità Internazionale

In Italian

Multilingual: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Available free-of charge from the following website:www.mondotrentino.net



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