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24th ITTONA Convention

We are sorry to inform everyone that the convention has been cancelled.

Feb 25, 2021

Dear Ittona Members and Friends,

These are certainly trying times. Sometimes I feel as if I am trapped in Ground Hog Day, so many repeats during this pandemic. It is once again time to think about our rescheduled convention which was going to occur July 22-25, 2021 in Albany, NY. We were hopeful that with the vaccines the pandemic would recede more than it has. Unfortunately, that has not happened, and there still is a safety concern about travelling. With these concerns in mind, the ITTONA Board has decided to postpone our convention to 2022. We hope you understand that your health was our greatest consideration when this decision was made.

Please know of our concern for you and our families in Italia. We know of many that have been affected either financially or health wise due to this world pandemic. Be careful and “enjoy” time together with your families. Play, sing, read about your ancestors, and share and record stories that might be forgotten. Be creative and bring back some of those lost Trentino/Tyrolese traditions and recipes.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our convention in 2022, and for years to come. Many questions need to be answered before we can get back together in person, but we are hoping that by then we will be allowed to proceed with our plans. I know there are many clubs and groups that are using the internet to stay connected. We have had some inquiries about communication this summer using Zoom, or another platform. We are considering this so that we can see and visit with each other.

I appreciated the help of the ITTONA Board as well as the Presidents of our individual clubs. They are concerned about you and are also making hard decisions as to whether to hold club activities. It isn’t easy planning a convention or club activity. It is even more difficult having to postpone it. Our Board members are supportive and reliable individuals. They care about you and the continuity of each individual club.

We are planning a President’s meeting on September 18, 2021, 11:00 EST. Please mark your calendars.

A virtual link will be sent during the summer. More details will be sent as we proceed. Please have a safe summer and keep in contact with club members who have struggled during this! time.

I look forward to the day when our lives can function as what we knew as normal again.

Please stay healthy and follow the advice of your nonna: “Wash your hands often!”


Terry Tremea

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