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ITTONA was founded June 20, 1976 at a convention in Hazelton, Pennsylvania...

Out of the 20th Century's original Trentini/Tyrolean "Mutual Aid Societies" , some of which still exist, however, mainly due to the Great Depression's end, eventually were replaced by some of the new clubs of today, mostly after World War II. These included in Canada: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver as well as in the United States: New York City, Hazelton (Pennsylvania) and Solvay, (New York State).

The first conventions were held in both Canada and the USA in the 1970s: twice in Hazelton and once each in both New York City and Montreal.

Hazelton Convention
Convention in Hazelton, PA in 1974

Hazelton Convention
Hazelton Convention, 1974

Then, on the 20th of June, 1976, the International Tyrolean-Trentino Organization of North America (I. T. T. O. N. A.) was formed at a convention in Hazelton. The organization included all of the Trentini-Tyrolean clubs of Canada, the United States and Tijuana, Mexico. The first elected club president was Giuseppe Zanoni, Jr. from Chicago's Trentin-Alpine Club. Past officers included Joe Zanoni, President, Louis Rossi, Vice-President, Inama Gino, Treasurer, Walter Maturi, Secretary, Rolando Inama, Foreign Correspondence Secretary and Eileen Rossi, Youth Representative.

(This information was taken from: Bonifacio Bolognani, A Courageous People of the Dolomites (Trento, Italy, 1996) 344-345. For more information about this publication, click here.


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